We live and love sustainability.

For many years, we have been committed to preserving the flair and substance of our beautiful old Viennese buildings and their apartments. We do this with great care, and attach great importance to renovating the existing buildings as faithfully as possible.
Important architectural details such as stucco, ceiling decorations and floor coverings are retained and restored where necessary.

The reuse of structural components is also part of our strategy. The preservation and development of old Viennese buildings is important to us and, in our opinion, represents sustainability at its best.

The façade

The façade plays a key role in defining the character of an old Viennese building. During renovation, care is taken to ensure that historical façade elements such as windows, ornamentation and balconies are preserved in their original style. Professional cleaning or restoration can significantly improve the appearance of the façade.

The interior

In the interior, historical elements such as old wooden doors, stucco ceilings and historical tiles are preserved. If these are damaged, they will be restored or rebuilt according to historical models in order to preserve the character of the apartment.

The materials

When selecting materials for the refurbishment, historically appropriate materials are used wherever possible. Traditional building materials such as wooden floorboards, brick or natural stone enhance the authentic charm of a classic old Viennese building.
When renovating our old buildings, we work with experts such as architects, conservators and craftsmen who have experience with historic buildings in order to preserve the original character as much as possible.

The future

It is important to us that the refurbishment strikes a balance between preserving the historical building fabric and meeting modern demands for comfort and energy efficiency. Careful planning and execution, taking into account the above-mentioned aspects, will help to ensure that future generations will be able to experience and enjoy the beautiful old buildings that are so important to Vienna’s cityscape.